Perfect fixation

The Channel Ceramic Roof Tile 50 has lower supports so it is posible to place it even on dry conditions over the battens.

It has also a nail hole like the mixed roof tiles.

Its design allows to fulfil the clients' demands and a better placement on the deep inclination roofs without using a mortar while it also maintains the traditional beauty.



  • Pressed tile, increasing its durability, resistance to flexion and decreased absorption.
  • Easy row positioning thanks to a perfect joins between pieces.
  • Resistant to extreme changes in temperature.
  • Ice-resistant.
  • Won't lose colour over time.


Colour range

Teja-canal-50-encaje-4 colores


Technical informationCroquis-medidas-teja-canal-50-encaje

Length: 495 mm
Max. width: 225 mm
Min. width: 165 mm
Weight: 2,900 Kg
Units m2: 20*
Pallet contents: 175 units

* These figures do not take into account the multiplicity of construction works and as a consequence they should be checked on site following the installation guide.




Quality standards

Standards: UNE EN 1304
Category impermeability: UNE EN 539-1
Reaction to fire: UNE EN 13501-1 A1
Flexural strength: UNE EN 538 ≥1000 N
Frosting: UNE EN 539-2/ ≥150 Cicles



Installation manual
Declaration of Performance / CE
BIM Object ( Revit )
Manufacturer technical sheets for VERDE, LEED v4 and BREEAM ES certifications


Reference codes

Ceramic Channel Roof Tile 50 Lightish TC50AC
Ceramic Channel Roof Tile 50 Brown TC50AM
Ceramic Channel Roof Tile 50 Dark TC50AO
Ceramic Channel Roof Tile 50 Red TC50AR

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